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Forest Certification Services -

Forest Certification Consulting and Training

Natural Resource Systems provides consultation to organizations seeking certification to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) or American Tree Farm Standards forest management standards, or the SFI and FSC chain of custody standards.  Based on experience in conducting audits to all forestry-related certification standards, and actually developing an environmental management system certified to the SFI and ISO 14001 standards, Natural Resource Systems can provide an organization:

  • An understanding of the requirements of the SFI or American Tree Farm forest management standards, or the SFI, PEFC and FSC chain of custody standards.
  • Pre-audits and a review of current policies to identify gaps in meeting standard requirements.
  • Development of practical policies, programs, and procedures that conform with requirements of the standards without creating unnecessary work.
  • Particular expertise in developing policies to conform with SFI Objectives 4 and 6 of the SFI forest management standard concerning wildlife habitat, biodiversity, and ecologically unique areas.
  • An understanding of auditor procedures and expectations.

Mr. Boitnott's forest industry, consulting and auditing experience uniquely qualify him to assist your company in the development of a forest environmental management system that will meet the requirements of the SFI or ATF Standards. Employed in forest industry as a forester and wildlife manager for 22 years, Mr. Boitnott helped develop an SFI program on over 2 million acres of industrial forestland. The management system Mr. Boitnott helped develop was certified to both the SFIS and ISO 14001 in 1999.

Mr. Boitnott has worked with several major certification bodies since his departure from forest industry in 2001, conducting third-party audits of forest products companies throughout the United States.  Mr. Boitnott helped conduct two of the first pilot Group Tree Farm audits, and is an ATFS lead auditor.  He has conducted SFI, PEFC and FSC chain of custody audits for a number of paper mills, paper and lumber distributors, and printing and converting firms.  He has helped companies develop SFI programs, and provided consultation to the U.S. Forest Service to develop ISO 14001 environmental management systems for national forests throughout the country.   He serves on the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Boards (ANAB) SFI Committee of Experts and the Forestry Auditors Forum. Mr. Boitnott's industry experience gives him a practical perspective in environmental management system development, and his forest certification expertise gives him a thorough knowledge of what it takes to conform to the requirements of all forestry-related standards.


Bureau Veritas Certification Services

Mr. Boitnott now serves as the forestry technical expert for Bureau Veritas Certification, the countrys leading forestry certification body. Mr. Boitnott provides a resource for prospective and existing clients to help them through their certification process. Bureau Veritas Certification conducts audits to the following forestry-based standards:

  • ISO 14001
  • SFI, FSC and American Tree Farm System forest management
  • SFI, PEFC, and FSC Chain of Custody

If you are interested in the certification services available through Bureau Veritas Certification, please contact Mr. Boitnott, or visit

BMP Assessments

Natural Resource Systems also provides third-party assessments of a landowner's compliance with state water quality Best Management Practices through on-site reviews. If your company simply desires an assessment of its compliance with BMPs, or requires a third-party assessment of BMP compliance as part of a certification process, Mr. Boitnott can give you an independent review based on years of field experience.

Mr. Boitnott developed a BMP monitoring program while working for forest industry, and conducted internal BMP audits for 9 years. As a consultant, Mr. Boitnott has conducted BMP assessments and forest regulatory compliance audits for forest products companies. Mr. Boitnott combines practical experience on BMP compliance with auditing expertise to provide your company with a reliable assessment of its BMP performance. Since this assessment is not conducted as part of any certification process, Mr. Boitnott can provide practical suggestions on how to improve your compliance.

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