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CheckStation Deer Management Software -

Deer managers know one of the primary keys to properly managing their deer herd is to collect data from harvested animals.  Natural Resource Systems developed CheckStationTM software to enable deer managers to record their data and develop a variety of reports and graphs so they can properly determine the health status of their herd. With the reports and graphs developed from CheckStation, landowners, hunters and deer managers can assess the health of their deer herd, and make intelligent adjustments in management strategies to achieve the landowner's or hunting club's objectives.

CheckStation features a Boone and Crocket scorecard that allows you to calculate gross and net B&C score for typical and non-typical bucks. CheckStation also features the ability to record the environmental conditions, such as moon phase, temperature, wind speed, and sky conditions for deer that are observed or harvested. Environmental reports allow you to see in graphic fashion the conditions when deer are most likely to be seen.

Whatever your management objectives, CheckStation is the easy, fun way to help you manage your deer herd!

With CheckStation you can:

CheckStation Questions & Answers

CheckStation is offered in two versions:

  • Single tract version -
    • For an individual hunting club or landowner who only keeps data on a single property.
    • $29.95 - Buy CheckStation single tract version now!
  • Multiple tract version -
    • For the landowner, hunting club, or wildlife consultant who wants to record data for up to 25 different ranches, pastures, or hunting clubs.
    • The multiple tract version allows a user to summarize data for each tract, or for all tracts combined.
    • $59.95 - Buy CheckStation multiple tract version now!

Note to users of newer versions of Microsoft Windows!  In its attempt to increase security, Microsoft made it difficult to install 3rd party software on computers running Windows Vista and newer.  You may experience problems installing CheckStation if you are running these operating systems.  If you get an error while trying to enter the serial number, these operating systems are not allowing you to modify the registry.  To correct this problem, follow these steps:

Delete the existing desktop icon (single-click the icon and press "delete", or drag the icon to the recycle bin)
Go to Windows Explorer
Go to the C:/Program Files/CheckStation folder
Right-click on the CheckStation application file (should have a deer icon beside it), and go to "send to", then "desktop (create shortcut)".
Get out of Windows Explorer and back to your desktop.  You should see the CheckStation icon on your desktop.  Right-click the CheckStation icon and go to Properties, then Advanced, and set the "run as administrator" box.  Click OK and go back to your desktop.

You should now be able to enter your serial number and run CheckStation normally.  You may also have a problem running CheckStation if you are running Windows  with a 64 bit processor.  If so, delete the CheckStation icon on your desktop that was placed there when you first installed the program.  Download CheckStation 64 bit starter and copy into your c:\Program Files\CheckStation folder.  Go to that folder in Windows Explorer, right-click on the 64 bit starter application, and send it to your desktop.  Right-click on the new CheckStation icon and go to Properties, then Advanced, and set the "run as administrator box".  Click OK and go back to your desktop.  Execute CheckStation from this new icon, and it should allow you to run CheckStation on a 64 bit computer.



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