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CheckStation Reports -

  • Deer Harvest Listing of the data taken from each deer killed on the property during any season.
  • Deer Harvest Summary of all data taken from deer killed during any season, or during any specified range of dates (See Report)
  • Five year trend summary of deer data
  • Graphs of key statistics:
    • Bucks and does harvested by age class (See Sample Graph)
    • Buck average dressed weight by age class
    • Buck antler score by age class
    • Average points by age class
  • Five year trend graphs, including:
    • Acres per deer harvested
    • Total buck and does harvest percent by age class by year (See Sample Graph)
    • Total bucks and does harvested by year
    • Average lactation for 2.5+ age does by year
    • 1.5 year old doe dressed weight by year
  • Listing of observation data
  • Summary of observation data (See Report)
  • Environmental condition graphs showing the number of deer killed or observed by moon phase, wind speed, temperature range, sky condition, and time of day. (See Sample Graph)

CheckStation Questions & Answers

CheckStation is offered in two versions:

  • Single tract version -
    • For an individual hunting club or landowner who only keeps data on a single property.
    • $29.95 - Buy CheckStation single tract version now!
  • Multiple tract version -
    • For the landowner, hunting club, or wildlife consultant who want to record data for up to 25 different ranches, pastures, or hunting clubs.
    • The multiple tract version allows a user to summarize data for each tract, or for all tracts combined.
    • $59.95 - Buy CheckStation multiple tract version now!

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