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CheckStation Data Records -

  • Print custom-designed sheets and cards to record your harvest, observation, and environmental data in the field, all formatted to help make computer entry easier.
  • Record sex, age, weight, lactation, and antler measurements for each deer harvested. (See Input Screen)
  • Calculate gross and net Boone and Crocket score for typical or non-typical bucks using the B&C scorecard. (See Scorecard)
  • Record hunter observations of animals seen in the field.
  • Record the environmental conditions for bucks harvested or observed:
    • Moon phase
    • Time of day
    • Temperature
    • Sky conditions, such as clear, cloudy, fog, or rain
    • Wind speed

Aging Deer

Age is one of the most important pieces of deer data you will enter. Without age, the other measurements are useless, since all deer data reports summarize information by age class. Recording age accurately is key to making good management decisions. Unfortunately, age is also the most difficult piece of deer data to determine. There is a publication on aging deer available from the Texas Agricultural Extension Service. You can find the publication on-line at Another publication can be found at There is an excellent deer aging tool available at You can also order a deer aging poster and find a wealth of other deer management information from the Quality Deer Management Association at

CheckStation Questions & Answers

CheckStation is offered in two versions:

  • Single tract version -
    • For an individual hunting club or landowner who only keeps data on a single property.
    • $29.95 - Buy CheckStation single tract version now!
  • Multiple tract version -
    • For the landowner, hunting club, or wildlife consultant who want to record data for up to 25 different ranches, pastures, or hunting clubs.
    • The multiple tract version allows a user to summarize data for each tract, or for all tracts combined.
    • $59.95 - Buy CheckStation multiple tract version now!

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